Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Locked in Journal

The journal locked in functionality prevents direct posting on an account.For example, an Accounts Receivable ledger account should only have postings from a customer set up in the Posting profile form.With Locked in the journal check box selected, there can be no direct posting. If there is direct posting, then the Accounts Receivable ledger account does not represent the Accounts Receivable module any longer, and there are differences on the totals on that account, and on the total of the Accounts Receivable modules.sequentially numbered checks in the bank moduleIf there is direct posting, then the Accounts Receivable ledger account does not represent the Accounts Receivable module any longer, and there are differences on the totals on that account, and on the total of the Accounts Receivable modules.sequentially numbered checks in the bank module.


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