Friday, August 31, 2007

Overriding method for a control in dialog (RunBase framework)

Can we have an overridden method in a dialog class. I can not use form as a dialog. I have to add a method in the dialog class. Like modified method of an EDT.

Well it can be done. First you have to add a method dialogPostRun

public void dialogPostRun(DialogRunbase dialog)

This method actually allows the dialog form to override control method at runtime. Now we need the name of the control at runtine that needs the overriden method. You can get that using


where dialogCustId is the EDT. let say the name returned at runtime is Fld3_1.

Now if you have to override lookup method of the EDT you can write the method like this

void Fld3_1_lookup()
//override lookup method here

If you need to override modified method

boolean Fld3_1_modified()

The modified method can also be accessed by overriding

public void dialogSelectCtrl()

in the runbase class. Just call


in the dialog method.

You can also create a dialog form and pass it as the parameter in the dialog method of runbase class. you can find an example in tutorial_runbase class and form.


  1. Can these methods be implemented in a Report. I tried to use DialogSelectCtrl ,for changing the value of DialogFieldA based on the value selected in DialogFieldB.This works ,however only after a mouse click. I want the values in DialogFieldA to change as soon as the Value in DialogFieldB is changed. Is there a solution for this ? I need to implement this in a report dialog.

  2. I am also trying to achieve this in a Report. Is it possible?

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  5. I'd also like to do this for a report if it's possible.

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